Market Research Survey Results

To help me plan the direction of Catkin Crafts, I recently created and shared a market research survey with my social media followers. I was really pleased with the response, so a huge thank you to all who filled it out and offered their opinions! It is much appreciated!

So, what did I learn from the survey results?

1. Price

  • £4 is the average price people would pay for a handmade card.

  • However, when the card can double up as wall art, most people would be willing to pay £5-£7.

  • 89.7% of people asked would spend over £10 on artwork with 25% saying they would pay up to £25 for A4 artwork. I will keep this in mind when pricing my artwork.

2. Styles

The top 4 styles chosen were: hand-painted, paper-cut, intricate patterns and bright colours. These were followed by pop culture references and hippy/bohemian not far behind. This is important to bear in mind when creating new designs.

Other suggestions included pagan festivals, stone circles, LGBT wedding cards, landscapes and seascapes so I certainly have a few new ideas to pursue. 😁

If you have more suggestions for card/artwork designs, let me know in the comments.

3. Important Factors

The most important factors when choosing a card were: handcrafted details, unique artwork that can be framed, personalisation and fast delivery.

Most of my cards feature handcrafted details and many of them can be personalised and framed.

However, as most cards are currently made to order, it can currently take 3-5 days to dispatch orders so this is an area I could certainly work on. This year, I plan to build up some stock so I can decrease my dispatch times.

4. Where to buy?

Most people look to buy greetings cards from online shops, local independent retailers and craft fairs.

I recently began stocking Catkin Crafts products in a local independent retailer - Toadstools gift shop in Bridgnorth!

I also plan to start selling at craft fairs. My aim is to do at least one craft fair in the next 12 months. 😬

An overwhelming 93.9% of people asked use Etsy, so I will continue to add new listings to my Etsy store.

Other popular online stores were Not On The High Street and RedBubble so these are also platforms I would consider in future.

5. Frames for Cards

57.1% of participants would be interested in purchasing a frame with a card so I will continue to offer this option and add it to more of my listings.

6. Artwork

Most people have bought artwork online or would consider it in future so I will continue to expand my range to include wall art as well as greetings cards.

Over half of the people asked would want to buy artwork unframed, which I totally understand as you may want to choose your own frame. Some people said it would depend on the style of the frame.

I will continue to offer frames as an option for some artworks however for larger pieces, I will offer the artwork unframed due to the postage and packaging costs in sending a frame.

7. Social Media

The most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram with YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter not too far behind. This year, the aim is to create more videos for YouTube, including tutorials, behind the scenes and top tips.

What would you like to see from the Catkin Crafts YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments.

8. Magazines

Almost half of the people asked said that they have read crafting magazines.

I plan to look into potentially writing articles for craft publications. This is something I enjoyed when teaching as I previously wrote for Teach Primary.

9. Subscription Box

Only 16% of participants said they would absolutely sign up to a subscription box but 47% said they they might consider it. This means that 63% were potential customers for this idea so I think it is something I might consider in the future.

Most people send between 2 and 5 cards per month.

If I were to do a subscription box deal, I would probably send 3 cards a month based on this data. I would not want people to feel that they were collecting too many cards and not sending them.

10. Other Feedback

Everybody was very complimentary so for that I am very grateful. 😊

One suggestion was to make cards in darker colours rather than just white. I have already purchased some darker coloured cards so watch this space... 👀

11. Prize Draw

All participants had the option to enter a prize draw for this Tree of Life artwork. To keep entrants' identities hidden, I assigned each a number and used a random number generator to select the winner.

Congratulations number 5! 😂

Check your emails to see if you won. 😁

12. Newsletter

The majority of entrants signed up to the Catkin Crafts monthly newsletter.

Thank you! 🙏

If you would like to receive more updates from Catkin Crafts about products, news and events, sign up for the newsletter here.