Brand Values: The Earth

Updated: Feb 27

The Earth is our home. How can we expect to survive if we do not look after the planet on which we live? Therefore, at Catkin Crafts, I strive to do what I can to protect and preserve the flora and fauna which reside here.

Plastic-free Packaging

When starting Catkin Crafts, I knew I wanted to avoid plastic packaging so I soon became a supporter of the naked cards initiative. I did not want to use cellophane to hold my cards and envelopes together therefore I developed packaging made solely from card.

Where possible, I also replace sellotape with paper tape. All my products are recyclable and when I have to to protect frames in postage, I have sourced biodegradable bubble wrap.

Recycled Products

I use 100% recycled paper to print postage labels, delivery notes and compliments slips. Catkin Crafts business cards are made from recycled cotton. I also try to use second hand equipment where possible. My Catkin Crafts stamp is made from reclaimed wood and I reuse packing envelopes and boxes when appropriate.

Limited Waste

To limit waste, I keep my scraps and offcuts so I can create one-off cards with limited runs. What little waste there is is recycled appropriately according to local guidelines. I keep and reuse scraps from old wallpaper, magazines, cards etc. I also endeavour to keep a paperless administration system, storing documents digitally to reduce paper waste.

Renewable Energy

Additionally, my home craft room is powered by Octopus energy so all electricity and gas is produced from renewable sources.

What does the future hold?

Although my materials are currently all recyclable, I would like to purchase card made from recycled materials. I also aim to broaden my range of cards to include cards with seeds embedded so they can be planted after receiving. I am also looking into charities to support in the future as I plan to give a % of my profits to an environmental charity. I will also continue to make more one-off cards from scraps and offcuts including a Christmas card range for 2022.